Compare the Candidates
Biographical Profiles and Positions on the Issues

November 2004 General Election

Candidates for U.S. President & Vice President, U.S. President

Ralph Nader - I
Peter Miguel Camejo - REF
David Keith Cobb - G
Michael Peroutka
Chuck Baldwin - REF
John Kerry - D
John Edwards - D
George W. Bush - R
Richard B. "Dick" Cheney - R
General (political statement of goals, objectives, views, philosophies)
Personal (gender, age, marital status, spouse's name and age, children's name and ages, home town, current residence)
Profession (professional and work experience outside politics)
Civic (past and present organizations, charities involvement)
Political (dates and titles of previously held political offices)
Religion (current and past religious affiliations, beliefs)
Accomplishments (significant accomplishments, awards, achievements)
Education (times and places of schools, colleges, major, degrees, activities, sports)
Military (branch, years of service, active duty experience, highest rank, medals, honors, type and date of discharge)
Reasons & Objectives
Why I Am Running for Public Office
Achievements If Elected
Areas to Concentrate On
On Entering Public Service
Illegal Drugs & Marijuana
Medical Marijuana
Recreational Marijuana
War on Drugs
Punishments for Drug Crimes
Illegal Immigration and Reform
Border Security
Securing Our Borders
English as the Official National Language
Federal Enforcement of Immigration Laws
Guest Worker Program
Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants
Employers Who Hire Illegals
Naturalization Backlog for Immigrants
Right to Own Guns - Second Amendment
Gun Control Legislation
Renewal of Ban on Assault Weapons Purchases
National Rifle Association (NRA)
North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Trade Policy Priorities
Global Workers' Rights
Global Environmental Standards
China Currency Manipulation
Barriers to American Goods in Other Countries
Incentives to Move Offshore
Protective Tariffs
Fast Track Authority
Other Trade Agreements
Gay, Lesbian & LGBT
Same Sex Marriage
Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Civil Unions & Civil Benefits
The Military Don't Ask/Don't Tell Policy
Prohibiting Same Sex Marriage Recognition between States (Defense of Marriage Act)
Homosexuality as a Choice or Genetics
Homosexuality as being Immoral or a Sin
Federal Constitutional Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment
Domestic Partnerships
Domestic Partner Health Benefits Act
Legislation for Hate Crimes
Gays Serving in the Military
Civil Rights
Civil Rights
Property Rights vs. Civil Rights
USA Patriot Act
Gender Equality & Women's Issues
Hate Crimes
Human Rights
Federal Budget & Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Policy
Federal Budget & Debt
Balanced Budget & Constitutional Amendment
Presidential Line-item Veto Power
Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) Rule for Tax Cuts or New Spending
National Security & Terrorism
National Security
War on Terrorism Policies
War on Terror
Guantanamo Bay Prison (GITMO)
Making Our Homeland More Secure
Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
National Guard in the Department of Homeland Security vs. Defense
Domestic Intelligence Agencies
Color-Coded Warning System
Local First Responders
Air Security
Port Security
Rail Security
Hazardous Materials Security
Evacuation Preparedness
Special Interests
Government Reform
Lobbying Reform
Reporting of Lobbyist Contacts
Government Officials Becoming Lobbyists
Executive Branch Employees Accepting Corporate Gifts
Citizen Participation
FEMA and Hurricane Katrina
Elections & Politics
Voting Right of Felons & Ex-Prisoners
Campaign Spending Limits
Voter Photo ID and Other Requirements
Election Reform
Campaign Finance Reform
527 'Stealth' PACs
Bundling Campaign Contributions
Public Funding of Political Campaigns
Small Donors
Soft-money Political Contributions
Lobbyist Campaign Contributions
Voting and Election Reform
Voting Machines and Paper Ballots
Election-day Registration
Help America Vote Act of 2002
DC Voting Representation in Congress
Courts, Laws & Justice
Death Penalty
America's Criminal Justice System
Three Strikes Criminal Sentencing Standard
Judicial Discretion and Alternative Sentencing
Activist Judges Legislating from the Bench
Judicial Appointments
Bankruptcy Reform
Abortion, Pro-Life, Stem Cell & Cloning
Legality of Abortion - Roe v. Wade
Pro-Life and Pro-Choice
Stem Cell Research
Partial-birth Abortions
Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research
Iran Nuclear Deal
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy
Nuclear Weapons & Non-Proliferation Treaty
North Korea
Sudan & Darfur
Promotion of Democracy Around World
America's Image Abroad
United Nations (UN)
Middle East
Israeli and Palestinian Conflict
Recognition of a Palestinian State
Afghanistan, Pakistan & Iraq
Timetable for Withdrawal
US Military Presence in Afghanistan
Iraq Policy
Iraq Political Progress
Cutting Off War Funding
Sunnis and Shiites
Continued US Military Presence in Iraq
Deadline for US Pullout
Troop Surge
Iraq's Role in War on Terror
Loss of American Lives in Iraq
Staying in Iraq for "as long as it takes to do the job"
Iraq Role in Making Americans Safer
Military & Defense
Use of Military Force
Military Families
Defense and Military Budget
Military Adequacy
Reservists and National Guard
Military Pay, Medical Care and Benefits
National Guard / Reserve Pay, Medical Care and Benefits
Paid Sick, Family and Maternity Leave
Foreign Job Outsourcing
Affirmative Action
Independent Workers
Workplace Protections
Job Growth
Quality of Jobs
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Unemployment Insurance (UI)
Business Tax Incentives
Relationship of Big Business and Government
Labor Wages & Unions
Minimum Wage
Employee Free Choice Act
Davis Bacon Act
Wage Gap between Rich and Poor
Permanent Replacement of Strikers
Tax Code
Tax Reform
Offshore Tax Havens and Bank Accounts
Income Tax Rates
Corporate Income Taxes
Estate Taxes (Death / Birth Tax)
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
Marriage Penalty
Tax Rates on Private Equity Funds
2001 Tax Cuts
Tax Credits for College
Tax Credits for Health Care
Child Tax Credit
Tax-Free Savings Accounts
Corporate Tax Loopholes
Internal Revenu Service (IRS)
Higher Education
Student Loans, Scholarships and Pell Grants
No Child Left Behind Act, a General Statement
Sex Education and Birth Control Options
Gay and Lesbian Orientation Education
Religion in Public Schools
"Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance
Teacher Textbook Selection
Private School Vouchers
Teacher Tenure
Improving Education
Education Tax Credits
Head Start
High Schools
Adult Education
After-School Programs
Computers in Schools
No Child Left Behind Act Federal Funding Level
Teacher Pay
Teacher Standards
Student Standards
Special Education
Magnet Schools
Rural Schools
Math and Science
Poverty & Welfare
Urban Poverty
Rural Poverty
Rural Recovery
Improving the Welfare System
Clean Water Act and Water Quality
ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) Oil Drilling
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Clean Air Act & Clear Skies Initiative
Greenhouse Gas Emission Limits
Cap-and-Trade System to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Kyoto Protocol
Clean Drinking Water
Toxic Waste
National Forests and Healthy Forests Initiative
National Forest Roadless Area Conservation Act
Endangered Species
Internet, Media & Communications
Internet Neutrality
High Speed Broadband Deployment
Broadband Access for Rural and Disadvantaged Communities
Concentrated of Media Ownership
Medical Insurance
Health Insurance
Universal Medical Care / Insurance
Medically Uninsured or Underinsured
Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Limitations
Employers' Medical Insurance
Employers vs Employees As Chief Health Care Buyer
Coverage of Children
State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
Free Market Health Care
Health Insurance Purchase Choices
Portable Medical Insurance
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
TRICARE Health Insurance
Medical Insurance Discrimination
Chronic & Catastrophic Illnesses
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
Medical Malpractice Reform
Business Tax Credits for Employee Health Coverage
Reducing Crime
Hate Crime
Health & Medical
Health & Medical Care
Improving Health & Medical Care
Reducing Health Care Costs
Disease Prevention
Rural Health Care
Health Information Interchange Network
Medical Errors
Medical Research
Energy, Gas, Oil & Autos
Energy Independence from Foreign Oil
Nuclear Power
Gas Prices
Renewable Energy, Solar, Biomass and Wind
Fuel Efficiency & Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards
Energy Efficiency and Standards
Energy Research and Development
Renewable Fuels, Biofuels and Ethanol
Hydrogen Cell Fuel Initiative
Auto Industry
Values, Religion & Family
Church & State - First Amendment
American Values
Child Care
Child Custody and Support
Teen Pregnancy
Veterans, a General Statement
Veterans' Health and Medical Care
GI Bill & Veterans' Benefits
Veterans' Recognition
Housing, a General Statement
Subprime Mortgage Crisis
Mortgage Lending
Predatory Lending
Freeze Adjustable-rate Mortgage Interest Rates
Neighborhoods, a General Statement
Low Income Housing
Prescription Drugs
Prescription Drugs, a General Statement
Importing Prescription Drugs from Canada
Safety of Imported Drugs
Negotiating Pharmaceutical Prices
Bringing Generic Drugs on the Market Sooner
Medicare Beneficiaries without Prescription-drug Coverage
Prescription Drug Marketing
Social Security & Pensions
Social Security
Long Term Viability of Social Security
Privatizing Social Security
Raising the Retirement Age or Reducing Payment Levels
Means Testing for Social Security Payments
Credit Card Company Practices
Financial Consumer Protection
Payday Loans
Imported Products' Safety
Public Service
Public Service, a General Statement
Science, Technology & Space
Biodiversity & Biotechnology
National Science Foundation (NSF) Funding
Food & Agriculture
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Protecting Food Safety
Country of Origin Labeling
Department of Agriculture
Family Farm
Farm Subsidies
Alcohol, Cigarettes & Gambling
Requiring States Set the Legal Drinking Age to 21 to Receive Federal Funds
Cigarettes, a General Statement
We Need Your Help